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Resolving Conflicts and Restoring Order

People often feel overwhelmed and stressed when law intersects with life. They are required to make very serious decisions, often at a time they feel least equipped to do so.

At the offices of Salvatore F. Lanza, we understand the challenges our clients face. To help restore order to our clients’ lives, our Central New York family law practice offers years of time-tested experience to find smart, long-lasting solutions to legal problems.

Our firm also handles a variety of other legal challenges facing people in Central New York, such as estate planning, divorce, family law, bankruptcy, traffic, DWI, criminal law, civil law and a wide variety of real-estate services.

Markets We Serve

A Record of Success and a Reputation for Excellence

Our law firm is highly respected within the Oswego County legal community. Our success in Oswego County, Southern Jefferson County, Northern Onondaga & Northern Cayuga Counties stands a testament to our legal ability and our commitment to clients.

We bring practical legal knowledge to the full range of cases we agree to handle. This allows us to take a holistic approach to the practice of law. When we handle your case, we focus on addressing your problems thoroughly by taking into account the entire situation and all possible options.

When you need legal help, you can rely on us to work toward an outcome that meets your needs and goals.

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Estate Planning and Peace of Mind

Too many people put off or avoid planning their estates, leaving their loved ones to pick up the pieces. Proper estate planning can prevent this by giving you and your family true peace of mind — a calm reassurance that you have planned.

At the Oswego County New York based law firm of Salvatore F. Lanza, we help families throughout the Central New York region address all aspects of estate planning, from simple matters to the most complex:

  • Simple and complex wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney


  • Living wills
  • Estate taxation planning
  • General Advice


At the Lanza Law Office, we allocate time to talk in-depth about your estate planning needs.

Estate Administration and Probate

We assist executors, administrators, trustees and beneficiaries to insure the proper administration of trust and estates and to help with the long-term planning necessarily resulting from these turning points in our clients’ lives.



Estate Planning and Family Law

Changes in a family are often a sign that estate planning changes should be made as well. Sometimes issues of estate planning follow a divorce. Parents strive to make smart taxation decisions. They also aim to protect the interests of children from the first marriage in the event of a second marriage.

We strive to give our clients peace of mind that they have protected their family’s future well through proper planning. To talk with us about your needs, contact us at 315.598.1928 to schedule a complete and confidential consultation.

  • Buyers & Sellers
  • Estates
  • Foreclosures
  • Estates Proceedings
  • Landlord Forms & Representation
  • Tenants Rights
  • Neighbor Relations
  • Divorce Settlement

Real Estate & Real Property Matters

At the Law Office of Salvatore F. Lanza, we provide a wide range of real estate services to individuals, businesses and business professionals, including the purchase, sale, financing and refinancing of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our legal team works to resolve real estate issues for buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, developers, investors and investment companies, and other clients involved in real estate transactions. We are know for implementing creative and effective solutions and help facilitate transactions that achieve positive results. In each case, we are interested in limiting risk and liability and avoiding legal problems and disputes. At the Lana Law Office, we’ll work hard to earn your trust and protect your interests.

Commercial Real Estate

• Sales, purchases and financing of office buildings, retail buildings and other types of commercial real estate
• Zoning and land use issues, such as annexation, planned unit developments and development easements
• Environmental law and permit issues
• Planning for like-kind exchanges of investment properties
• Negotiating transactions and entity agreements, sales contracts and purchase agreements

In commercial real estate matters, including the purchase, sale, financing, zoning, and transfer of commercial real estate, we have the skills and knowledge to facilitate:


Skilled Representation for CNY Families

Every couple faces unique challenges. When a marriage ends, you deserve representation designed to meet your specific needs — guidance from an attorney who doesn’t just dictate a solution, but who asks the question: What is best for you?

At the Lanza Law Office, we tailor solutions to each client’s needs. We take the time to learn about you, so we can understand what you want out of the process. We start with the story of your relationship. We continue with your concerns and plans for the future. Then, we develop a divorce strategy that helps you reach your goals by addressing all the issues that may affect you, such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Division of marital assets and debts

Customizing Our Approach to Meet Your Needs

The traditional way to get divorced involves the spouses taking sides against each other in litigation. Our legal team has decades of experience handling contentious court battles for clients, and we will not hesitate to do so for you if it is necessary.

However, we have found that a relatively new method of family dispute resolution leads to much less conflict and much happier outcomes. That method is called collaborative divorce.

In collaborative divorce, you and your spouse are each represented by a family law attorney. Everyone agrees to resolve the issues in your divorce through discussion and agreement instead of going to court. We then work with mental health professionals and financial specialists to reach resolutions that fit each person’s needs. All divorce-related issues, such as custody, property division and child support can all be resolved using the collaborative process, and it is done without the anger and bitterness commonly associated with the end of a marriage.

We believe in reasonable actions and sensible solutions that protect our clients’ interests. We can use whatever dispute resolution method is best suited to you and your family situation.


We also understand that marriages deteriorate for many reasons – sometime for the “at fault” reasons and sometimes couples just grow apart. If they do, and if they wish to resolve their issues without going to court, or wish to avoid placing blame where it does not belong, they may consider entering into a separation agreement.

Separation agreements are complex documents that deal with all the issues related to the demise of a marriage. They address child custody, division of property and support matters. Couples enter into this agreement and live apart. After a minimum of one year has passed, a divorce may be granted on the ground that the couple has been living separately. As of October 12, 2010, they may also use the additional ground of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months as long as all other issues have been resolved, including, equitable distribution, spousal support, child support, custody, visitation, and counsel and expert fees.

Separation agreements should not be confused with postnuptial agreements. These agreements serve as a condition to remaining married, where couples lay out their respective rights and responsibilities.

You Can End Your Marriage Peacefully

When most people think about divorce, they think about hostility, bitterness and resentment. Conventional divorce does nothing to alleviate these feelings. In fact, it exacerbates them. Fortunately, there is a way for you and your spouse to work together toward a mutually agreeable divorce settlement.

Collaborative divorce gives you control over your own future and allows you and your spouse to find constructive ways to dissolve the marriage. At the office of Salvatoe F. Lanza we believe strongly that collaborative divorce is superior to traditional litigation. The process fosters an atmosphere of respect and problem solving that is simply not possible when engaged in a court battle. This atmosphere is healthy for you and it minimizes impact on your children.

We handle bankruptcy cases and closely related matters

The law offices of Salvatoe F. Lanza, we protect the rights of individual debtors and small businesses throughout the Central New York Region through the effective use of the Bankruptcy Code and related federal and state (New York) statutes. We devote ourselves  to helping clients obtain the maximum available Debt Relief.


Financial stress can create enormous anxiety. Bankruptcy should reduce your anxiety, but all too often, other attorneys do not clearly explain its benefits. With our team, you meet and converse with the actual attorney who represents you. Your attorney clearly and concisely explains what you can expect throughout the bankruptcy process. Understanding the process ahead is the first step to getting your finances and emotions under control.


Bankruptcy & Debt

Clear, high-quality debt and bankruptcy advice

  • Stop foreclosure — The foreclosure process in New York is extremely technical and lengthy, which provides ample ammunition for a foreclosure defense. Throughout the process, the homeowner has numerous opportunities to cure the default, identify a mistake in the process, negotiate loan modifications with lenders and, in appropriate circumstances, eliminate second and third mortgages in Chapter 13. While the automatic stay stops foreclosure under all Bankruptcy Chapters, Chapter 13 is typically better suited to effectively address the issues presented by the foreclosure process.
  • Stop repossession — Repossession of a vehicle or other property is a traumatic event. The bankruptcy options generally available are surrendering the vehicle, reaffirming the loan, redeeming the vehicle or working out a modification with your lender. Each Bankruptcy Chapter offers its own set of options for dealing with car loans that will be discussed with you.
  • Stop wage garnishment — Wage garnishment is embarrassing and can exacerbate your debt problems by reducing your net income. We help put a stop to your wage garnishment.
  • Stop credit card debt — As an unsecured debt, credit card debt can be handled by either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. However, many think this means that they can max their cards before filing. This is not permitted under the bankruptcy code. Bankruptcy fraud and abuse such as this can have serious consequences, including the dismissal of your claim without a discharge of your debts.
  • Protect assets — Our approach considers not only eliminating your debt, but also protecting your assets. We will advise you which assets are exempt and devise a strategy for dealing with any non-exempt assets.
  • Business bankruptcy — Chapter 11 bankruptcy for businesses allows businesses to reorganize and reduce their debt burden.


We have substantial expertise representing CNY clients in the following:

  1. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy — which involves the elimination of credit card debt, medical debt and unsecured loans, and can be used to “walk away” from mortgage loans and car loans that are no longer affordable.
  2. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy — which is most commonly used to save your house from foreclosure and involves repaying your past due mortgage payments and other debt, including property and school taxes, over a period of time with manageable monthly payment. In appropriate circumstances Chapter 13 can eliminate 2nd and 3rd mortgages on your home and, when combined with the Bankruptcy Court’s Loss Mitigation Program, provides a homeowner with the best chance to save their house.
  3. Chapter 11 Bakruptcy — which involves a business remaining in possession of its assets and continuing its operations while at the same time reorganizing and restructuring its debt
  4. Bankruptcy Litigation — when creditors get too far out of line, sometimes you have to sue them to hold them accountable
  5. Mortgage Modification — in the Bankruptcy Court’s Loss Mitigation program, the Bankruptcy Judge supervises the mortgage modification process, often resulting in a speedier resolution.

Traffic Tickets

To see a complete chart of how many points each type of violation incurs, click the photo(s) below. Points and fines subject to change.

Some times getting a traffic ticket isn’t a big deal. You sign the back, pay a fine and it’s over with. However, all too often the guilty plea and fine are only the beginning of a costly experience. If the ticket was for a “moving violation” such as speeding, failure to obey a traffic signal or sign, failing to maintain lane, etc., the guilty plea is reported to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles where it becomes part of a driver’s record.

Each violation has a statutorily prescribed “point” value that stays on a driver’s record for 18 months. Speeding tickets have a minimum “point” value of 3 and a potential maximum of 11. If a driver’s point total reaches 11 or more points a mandatory mandatory 31 days suspension (for first time suspensions) will be imposed unless the driver asks for a “license suspension hearing”. At such a hearing a driver can dispute the accuracy of the DMV’s records but, unless some problem in record keeping has occurred the typical result is that driving privileges will be suspended for anywhere from 31 days to one year. If a driver accumulates more than 6 points in any 18 month period a special surcharge of $150/year can be imposed by the DMV. Also, if you are convicted of 3 separate speeding violations that occurred within 18 months your license must be suspended for 6 months.

The DMV record is also checked by automobile insurance companies every time auto insurance comes up for renewal or a new application for insurance is made. A moving violation on a driver’s record virtually guarantees an increase in insurance rates. Depending upon how many points have accumulated the increase in rates can be dramatic, sometimes as much as twice the previous rate. Moreover, if enough points have accumulated an insurance company may refuse to renew or decline to provide a new policy. In those cases a driver will be forced to obtain insurance through the NYS “assigned risk” pool. Insurance rates in the assigned risk pool are very, very high.

We fight hard to mitigate your expense and impact!


Defending people charged with alcohol related offenses is a very specific area of criminal law. Effective defense of DUI related charges sometimes involves seeking the best possible “plea agreement” with the District Attorney’s office. Other times, it may mean taking the charges to a trial. Whatever the situation, the Salvatore F. Lanza legal team understands both the law and the science of determining whether an individual is intoxicated, how that was determined by the police and whether proper procedures were followed, often determines the outcome of a case.

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